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Mirrored Mirage Desert House in Joshua Tree, CA

Invisible House floats like a mirrored mirage surrounded by the rise and fall of the rocky Joshua Tree desert landscape. The juxtaposition of sleek minimalism and the ancient desert terrain makes Invisible House a singularly definitive structure in blending modern architecture with the natural world. 

With a mix of intimate and social spaces, Invisible House is the perfect environment to host unforgettable events, executive meetings, as well as photo shoots and commercial filming, music videos, photo shoots, private events, weddings, spiritual and yoga retreats and more.

The property is located on 90 acres. It is the largest privately owned parcel of land abutting Joshua Tree National Park, which has become a destination for artists, spiritual seekers, and those longing to connect to the natural world.

Designed by film producer Chris Hanley and Tomas Osinski, a Frank Gehry collaborator, the minimalist design features a 100 foot indoor pool and a west-facing wall of sliding floor-to-ceiling glass doors. 

The entire wall opens to reveal the breathtaking expanse of wind-worn boulders, the desert brush and iconic trees, and red and purple shadows cast upon the rocks as the sun moves across the sky. 


  • Located 10 minutes from Downtown Joshua Tree and 2 hours from Los Angeles.
  • Sliding Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors
  • 100ft Indoor Pool 
  • 11(h)x16(w) white wall at the end of the pool (projection screen for films, videos or still images)
  • Breathtaking Desert Views
  • Modern and Modular Seating
  • Sleek Kitchen Design
  • Smooth Concrete floors
  • 3 bedrooms · 4 baths

VENUE CAPACITY : 100 guests standard capacity. Larger guest counts can accommodated when events take place indoor / outdoor.