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About Us


Pink Dolphins INC was born when founder Luca Fiorini, after a decade spent managing venues and producing events, saw the need of building an agency with a purpose: 

“Connecting venues to individuals, companies and event professionals looking for the perfect space for their upcoming events”.

“They call us Venue MatchMakers”

— Pink Dolphins TEAM


Finding the right event space that checks off all of your needs is becoming harder and harder for individuals, companies and event professionals in today’s competitive marketplace.

The venue sourcing process is very time consuming and can take up to weeks if not months. Inquiring and collecting quotes from each venue and waiting for a response can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Without any previous experience at a venue it is very hard to decide if a space will be the right fit for your upcoming event.


Our team of event professionals will help you identify the right space by filtering through a wide variety of event spaces and only presenting you with the venues that work for you based on your event details.

Our venues have been carefully selected and booked for a large number of events. We simply have seen them in action enough times to be confident they will be the perfect space for you.

For each venue booking inquiry we will assist you throughout the entire booking process, from your first walk-through till the event day.


As venue “matchmakers” we are in the business of connecting our venues with the right clients looking to host impeccable events.

Our targeted approach guarantees you will find a venue within days.

Checking availability, collecting images and floor plans, negotiating the best possible rate? 

That’s what we are here for.

Based on our relationship with each venue we can offer you the best venue rental rates - GUARANTEED.